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Video Kecelakaan Marco Simoncelli 2011

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Video Kecelakaan Marco Simoncelli 2011

Inilah resiko terbesar dalam sebuah balap motor… Marco Simoncelli mengalami kecelakaan dalam MotoGP di Sepang Oktober 2011. Semoga Tuhan Yang Maha Esa selalu melindungi kita semua…

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  1. Joy says:

    This is probably going to be a REALLY spiutd question, but is that an example of what is known as backing it in ? I see it referred to all the time but have no idea what it means.As to the quote, maybe he meant that you only experience true joy in your life doing what you were ostensibly MADE to do and only when you’re doing it well.Poetry in motion is poetry in motion, whether that poetry be expressed on a dance floor, in the sky, or on the track (horse, human, or motorsports related). It’s always a joy to watch somebody good at what they do having a good day doing it.I’ve never fully felt the import of that statement, but I’m sure Marco did as I’m sure that Rossi or Edwards do, or Chuck Yeager did, or as any of our Olympic people do. Whatshisname, the American swimmer with all the medals. I’m sure he gets what Marco was trying to say. And I’m sure he remembers everything about the end of the Olympics in Beijing with the weight of all those gold medallions hanging off his neck. There simply isn’t anything quite like being at the top of your game, doing a profession that you’ve loved since childhood, performing at your own personal best and having that verified by people who you respect to make a day worth living and a memory worth cherishing. THAT is a paraphrase. But one I can get behind.

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